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2014 in Strikes and Protests

1. Year begins with strikes in Limassol Port

Workers for Greek subcontractor construction company VIOTEK went on a lengthy strike after the company made it clear they will not honour contracts and collective agreements binding the sector.

No More Words / Our Pay First / The Struggle Does Not End (Picture: granazi.org)
No More Words / Our Pay First / The Struggle Does Not End (Picture: granazi.org)


2. People continue to be sick and tired of armies

A parallel demilitarisation march was held on the 15th of February. The police wasn’t particularly thrilled by that, blocking access to the park overseeing Paphos Gate. Protests met in the buffer zone anyway.




3. Unions and civil society groups create a common anti-austerity platform

Trade unions and social groups affected by the financial crisis began seeing their struggles as interconnected and created an advocacy platform, with mobilisations throughout the year.

kinoniantidraPhoto: Philenews


4. Peace activists give Ledra/Lokmacı Street a much needed redecoration

Conscientious objector Murat Kanatlı was released from jail in March, and that warranted an anti-militarist gathering.


5. Tourist resort town mayors no longer get to abuse the Commons without opposition

In April, a citizens’ initiative turned the entrance to Paralimni Municipality into an artificial beach, giving the mayor a taste of his own medicine. Initiatives to protect natural coasts and access to the Commons pop-up in all coastal regions of Cyprus.

Photo: Reclaim The Sea

6. Even in Larnaka

Larnaka and Ormidia residents protested the forced industrialisation of their coast.

Photo: LarnakaOnline.com.cy

7. For the first time since 1958, all communities of Cyprus came together to celebrate Labour Day, in the buffer zone

The notion of a united working class, beyond ethnic divisions, probably didn’t sit well with the media, who underplayed the event.

Photo: Ada Haber

8. The LGBTQ community in Cyprus celebrated its first ever Pride

May has been a month of LGBTQ-related events, and it culminated in two Pride Parades, one in north and one in south Nicosia (our ridiculous divisions even affect Pride marches!)

Photo: Gazete360 / Antonis Loizidis


9. We had a real Peace Operation

Since 2010 an annual concert is being held in Nicosia Old Town on August 14, telling Ayşe and her frienemies to buzz off.

10333638_1525848674297007_7408880936148447442_o 10524294_1525623174319557_1621132399324121008_o

10. Our message wasn’t always welcome.

Sometimes even a banner can make the police a little upset. Especially on a ‘national day’.


11. Bosses thought they can simply hide their assets and leave the workers unpaid

The owner of AquaSol Hotels might have diverted his assets to a non-bankrupt company, but the 400 workers are demanding their several months of unpaid wages still

Photo: agkarra.com

12. The Parliament was also transformed into an artificial beach

Since Hasikos seems to like them so much…


13. Antifascist Christmas in Limassol

Solidarity with our imprisoned comrades.


14. We just really love hanging out in the buffer zone

The UN aren’t too thrilled to have us though. Bunch of meanies…

Screenshot from 2014-12-20 17:15:50

15. Year ended with a solidarity demo outside the migrants detention camp

Only a few days before 2014 was over, a Syrian refugee was found dead under suspicious circumstances. The police was quick to forget about it.


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  • Natasha Apostolidou • 3 years ago

    You forgot to include the demo against animal abuse by Tsokkos hotels in July, but it’s a very good overview… Cyprus is changing

    • independent media

      independent media • 3 years ago

      Yes, you are right! Thanks for mentioning it.

      It was an important first.