December 9, 2016 | by meidei
Breaking: Commitment by the Ministry of Interior to examine the refugees applications – Let’s keep them accountable!

Today, after a battle of 100 and more days, of which the last 20 were a hunger strike, all 12 families of refugees protesting against racist bureaucracy which unduly delayed their legitimate demands for citizenship under the law of the Cyprus Government, received a written commitment from the Director General of the Ministry of Interior that will finally proceed with calling them for an interview as required by the process.

The written commitment of the Ministry allows the refugees to end the hunger strike. We note here that the length of the hunger strike has caused serious health problems for the protesters, with one of them still hospitalised.

It is our responsibility to hold the Ministry accountable and to ensure that the commitment to conduct the interviews and complete the process within a reasonable time frame will be respected this time, without arbitrariness by the side of bureaucracy.

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