February 24, 2015 | by independent media
Call for a demilitarised Nicosia

Call made by Assembly for a Demilitarised Nicosia on facebook event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/718230014959390/

Why is there a border dividing this city?
Do we really want to harm each other?
Were we ever as different as they taught us to be?

This city wasn’t divided because of the different languages we spoke; it was a power struggle between competing elites.

For a few it was more preferable to have all the power in half an island than share the power in the whole island.

Our daily lives is not their playground. Nobody should be forced to live under constant threat, to live in a city with 5 different armies pointing their guns at us, supposedly protecting us from each other.

Somehow they find space for all their armies in a single strip, but when we try to meet, they dare tell us we block the street.

We are against all nationalist and imperialist armies, post-colonial military forces and alliances, as well as states’ repressing mechanisms and authoritarian institutions. Nobody should be a soldier of power elites, never and nowhere.

Time to reclaim what the armies took from us; Our city,our neighborhoods and our lives.

This month on the 28th lets experience Nicosia as we deserve it.

Meeting points:
Faneromeni Square at 14:00, or
Sarayönü Meydanı at 14:30

We will walk through the streets of our city, sing a song or two, have a good time and meet at 16:30 at Home for Cooperation (opposite the UN Holiday Squat).

Open discussions, live music, and certainly NO ARMIES!

Assembly for a Demilitarized Nicosia






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