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Pancyprian Student Coordination Committee (PSEM) in their latest press release call the government's decision to waive Pancyprian University Placement Exams fees for impoverished students a victory, and a recognition of the student movements' strikes last December and February, which at the time the Minister of Education called 'devoid of substance', and that was vilified by some media. PSEM criticises MinEdu for waiting until the second-to-last day of the inscription period to announce this measure.

March 5, 2015 
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The new president of the Cypriot Turkish Teachers Union (KTÖS), Semen Saygun, in an interview she gave to the Cyprus News Agency called for eradication of nationalistic elements from the education system in both sides, because children must grow up in a culture of peace, not conflict and hostility. She notes that in both south and north, teachers should be the first to recognise and reject their internalised nationalism.

February 6, 2015 
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by Γιακουμής ο Ράφτης Does the University of Barcelona exploit its workers? This was the question posed by many big-sized protest signs which appeared two months ago at the Faculty of History, Geography and Philosophy.

August 5, 2014 
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English; 14 year old ‪#‎Berkin‬ Elvan was shot with a 850 gr. gas cannister on june 16th. He was not a protester he was going to the market to buy some bread. He was in a coma trying to survive fighting infections and high fever for 268 days. He was 16 kgs when he died today, at 07.00 am.

March 11, 2014 
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WHY CONSTITUTE? New constitutions are written every year. The people who write these important documents need to read and analyze texts from other places. Constitute offers access to the world’s constitutions that users can systematically compare them across a broad set of topics — using a modern, clean interface. HOW TO USE CONSTITUTE? Constitute allows you to interact with the world’s constitutions in a few different ways.

January 3, 2014 
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