Aaron Swartz Hackathon This Weekend Is Your Chance To Hack for a Better World This weekend marks the third annual Aaron Swartz Day hackathon, and a chance for you to meet up with other people working to use technology to make the world a better place. Once again, cities around the world will host two days of meetups.

November 8, 2015 

The “Tor Animation” is a short video to help new users and members of the community become more familiar with Tor and understand how Tor Browser protects their privacy online. The idea behind this video and other activities like the UX studies is to get closer to end-users and understand their needs.

March 23, 2015 
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FRANKFURT — Protests against the new European Central Bank building erupted in the early hours of Wednesday. Thousands of activists from all around Europe gathered in Frankfurt —heart of European capitalism— to demonstrate against the ECB's 1.

March 22, 2015 

Sispirosi Atakton presents the second of a circle of events on: Demilitarized Nicosia/Cyprus/Europe Friday 23rd January 2015 Place: KISA, 48, Arsinois Street, Nicosia 7:00pm In the summer of 2012, sixteen months after the start of the Syrian revolution-turned-civil-war, something extraordinary happened: in the midst of the carnage and destruction of a country in ruins, the Kurdish regions of northern Syria, known as Rojava, declared their autonomy from the central government. In the months that followed, the Rojava revolution silently but with determination started to built an alternative society founded upon the key values of gender equality, horizontal democracy and environmental sustainability that would in time grow into a beacon of hope for all looking for an end to authoritarian governments, Western imperialism...

January 15, 2015 
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Antiauthoritarian mobilization against the Opening-Party of the ECB March 18th 2015 will see the inauguration of a monument to European crisis policy when the new headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) opens in Frankfurt. At the ceremony, the representatives of the European member-states will pat themselves on the back for their crisis-solutions whilst using the celebrations to prepare for the next round.

January 1, 2015 
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Today, we were on streets for Alexis who was murdered by Greek State and for Nikos Romanos who has been on hunger strike for 26 days against the repression of the same state. Today, we were on streets for our sisters and brothers who have been murdered while resisting in Greece, in Ferguson, in Mexico, in Kobanê.

December 8, 2014 
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On August 9th, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot a black teenager named Mike Brown. Since then, the city has been protesting. The police did not react well. Artwork done by Molly Crabapple Visit us at: Like us at: http://www.

November 25, 2014 
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This is a call at the last newsletter of Riseup for fund raising. Here in the northern hemisphere the leaves are pretty, the ground is soggy, and the annual Riseup fundraising drive is afoot! We need you to pay for our core costs and help keep us going in our fifteenth year of existence.

October 16, 2014 
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Turkish Anarchists passed the borders from Syria to protest the ISIS attack of a Kurdish city in Syria, Kobane. Here is the leaflet text that they had distributed about this issue and some photos from the border.

September 28, 2014 
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By Janet Biehl At long last the war against Islamic State has brought Westerners’ attention to the North Kurdish (i.e., Kurds in Turkey) freedom struggle. For three decades the PKK has been fighting an insurgency against Turkey, and Turkey has fought back, leading to nothing except bitter reprisals, protracted conflict, and the destruction of thousands of Kurdish villages in the 1990s. Originating in 1978 as a Marxist-Leninist organization, the PKK got placed on the Terrorist Organization list. .

September 13, 2014 
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