August 5, 2015 | by meidei
ECtHR admits Cypriot conscientious objector’s case against Turkey

aihm_webThe European Court of Human Rights has accepted Murat Kanatlı’s request to examine violations of the rights to liberty, fair trial, and freedom conscience committed by the Turkish Republic. The case was submitted on April 6th and it was admitted this Wednesday, to be heard on a later date.

Kanatlı (New Cyprus Party, northern Nicosia municipal councillor), has being refusing to participate in military exercises of the Turkish Cypriot Security Forces (which is under the command of the Turkish Republic)  since 2009 on grounds of antimilitarist conscience. He received jailtime from the Martial Court and other cases against him are pending at the Constitutional Court of northern Cyprus.

Another, Haluk Selam Tufanli, is summoned before the Martial Court on the 13th of August, and his case is also expected to also find its way to ECtHR. He has also served jailtime for his antimilitarist conscience.
On the 14th of August, day of Turkey’s “Attila 2″ military operation against Cyprus, the annual “Antimilitarist Peace Operation” concert will take place at Selimiye Square in Nicosia.

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