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I am a conscientious objector [Conscientious Objection Statement]

[Ελληνική Έκδοση][Türkçe Çeviri]

Davita Gunbay declared her conscientious objection during 6th Anti-Militarist Peace Operation event. Her statement follows;

19 months after declaring my conscientious objection on social media I am now sharing this here on this platform publicly. I believe this to be my duty and because I am a woman I won’t be facing an arrest for this, family and friends won’t be concerned that I’ll be jailed but I am not at all at ease.

Wars are around left and right, it’s in our requiems, poems, funerals, in the hearts of dead children who won’t grow no more.

Think about maps from different eras, borders change by shedding blood and by lives taken due to the decisions made by a few hegemon men. This hurts my conscious. Conscientious objection is a fundamental human right, a right which isn’t given to men who are forced to take part in the military. Until this right is recognized and can be exercised we will shout louder and louder.
Wars, weapons, education to kill, this is not for me.

I am a conscientious objector.

Including Davita, the number of publicly known conscientious objectors is now 18.

On 13th August, cases of Haluk Selam Tufanlı and Hilmi Hami were postponed to 17th September by the martial court.


Here is the list:

1- Salih Askeroğlu (24 September 1993)
2- Murat Kanatlı (15 May 2009)
3- Haluk Selam Tufanlı (8 December 2011)
4- Faika Deniz Paşa (8 December 2011)
5- Cemre İpçiler (8 December 2011)
6- Nevzat Hami (8 December 2011)
7- Ceren Goynuklu (8 December 2011)
8- Halil Karapaşaoğlu (24 October 2013)
9- Ahmet Karakaşlı (24 December 2013)
10- Tegiye Birey (24 December 2013)
11- Süleyman Tarık Sakallı (15 Nisan 2014)
12- Halil Sayın (15 Mayıs 2014)
13- Didem Gürdür (15 Mayıs 2014)
14- Reşat Korel (15 Mayıs 2014)
15- Hilmi Hami (2013)
16- Erman Dolmacı (1 June 2015)
17- Loizos Loukaidis (15 July 2015)
18- Davita Gunbay (14 August 2015)

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