October 1, 2015 | by independent media
In Solidarity with Liza

The news were an undertone to the news of the day; the daily update on the Cyprus problem, the prominent visit of the Greek Minister of Defense, the meeting between Nikos, Andri, Barrack and Michel, the eclipse, the daily update on corruption in Cyprus, Rikkos, Guiness records, football, sports and so on.   A 27-year-old Filipino woman died from injuries suffered during a fall in Nicosia, after the police invaded her home.

Liza’s memory was marked on the Liberty monument in the old town last night. Red paint was thrown on the monument whilst work permits with Liza’s name were left behind. The slogan “borders are scars to the body of the planet” was sprayed on the floor.

For Liza, for those who died before her, and for those who are still to come, we stand in solidarity and we continue fighting. We remember.

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