3533 Media Collective


In the divided socio-political landscape of Cyprus and in the power-driven international media sphere, emerging issues of local and global social movements, public contestations, and continuous attempts of ecological destruction are censored systematically, or vocally constrained to a point of silence. This presents a political concern to which we address, by generating an independent means of communication across social, cultural and economic divisions. In our own media sharing platform, we intend to disseminate information from the location 35°0′N 33°0′E, Cyprus, to the world.

As a trilingual inter-communal grassroots Media Collective, 35-33 aims to bridge the cultural divides that are reproduced in Cyprus via socio-political and economic gaps. To do so, we aim to promote principles of sustainability, direct democracy and socio-political participation from a grassroots bottom-up approach, synchronising with community movements that are increasingly globalised.

Today’s media is a powerful tool to shape the public sphere, whereby 35-33 recognises that a tool as such, is caught between the challenging premises of manipulation and empowerment. 35-33 therefore is configured across a multiplicity of perspectives that is sculpted through critical thought, to detach itself from dogmatic propaganda. It is edited collectively by a group of independent activists, scholars and citizen journalists based in Cyprus, Denmark, Turkey, Germany, Greece and England. As an open collective, we thus invite the current readers of this introduction to participate for a more critical, ethical and engaged world.

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