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Queer Street Party: Unapologetically Intersectional [Photos]
[…]In a society where all different categories of people must fit into boxes so that capitalism can sell them customized products we proudly remain queers. Queers are constantly under surveillance because they don’t fit into binaries, they deviate from the norms, because their very existence disrupts the patriarchal system; therefore they must be disciplined, they must be punished[…]

Last Saturday, starting at 16:30 from Nicosia’s Faneromeni Square, the 1st Queer Street Party —a radical initiative of groups and activists from all over the island and abroad— reclaimed both the streets of gentrified Nicosia Old Town and the Pride Parade.

Despite the criticism, and sometimes open hostility from the self-appointed representatives of the ‘LGBT community’ in the previous days, the QSP partied along from Faneromeni, through Onasagorou and Ledra, joined by allies along the way, and arrived at the Municipal Garden of Nicosia where it joined the Pride Parade.

On the day, the QSP was met with cheers; it’s unapologetic political stance and solidarity to all anti-oppression struggles attracting smiles, thumbs-ups and raised fists, and with onlookers jumping into the march to discuss and learn more. It was an empowering experience for multiple communities.

Geared with the loud music, handmade banners, glitter, and a political stance they weren’t apologetic about, the Queer Street Party brought vibrancy to a Pride Parade that was still lacking them. More importantly, it claimed space for and gave voice to those who are systematically and institutionally denied it, those pushed in the margins even from the communities that claim to be in solidarity with them.

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From the north and the south

From the east and the west, 

From all directions, we gather.
Our desires flowing,
Our identities crossing,
We work for bread, shamelessly
We fuck for pleasure, manifestly.
Within the trap of assigned genders,
Within the tyranny of imposed desires,
Within the maze of forced displacements
Within the life long prison sentence of exploitation
We rise up and look at you,
We look at you, as we are.
Your “divide and rule”,
your urge to dominate,
your urge to put us to the margins
has lost our consent.
Our gaze is here to stay.

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