June 14, 2016 | by rubina
“Reddediyoruz” (we reject) – Youth in the North against a foreign office to coordinate youth and sports issues

Youth organizations in the northern part of Cyprus have been protesting against the ratification of a convention on the establishment of a foreign coordination office on youth and sport ministry. This convention is basically transferring all the activities, administration of the ministry of youth sport and culture to an office and its bureaucrats appointed and run by Turkey. They will be running the camps, deciding on aid to folklore and other cultural organizations.

Organizations have formed a platform named “reddediyoruz” (meaning we reject) and 2 demonstrations were organized in this respect, whilst they have also been camping outside the parliament since Saturday 7 pm. The general assembly with the agenda of ratifying convention was yesterday. An MP of TDP talked for about 8 hours to delay it. People were outside the parliament the whole day chanting slogans, dancing folk dances, singing, making noise etc. Some of the youth activists were inside the Parliament. In the end when it came to voting, the activists inside the building started chanting slogans until the the end of the voting, when they tried to kick them out. They however managed to stay inside until the Parliament ratified the convention with the slogans being chanted in the background.

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