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December 20, 2014 | by independent media
Reunification human chain through buffer zone blocked by police

An event was called today on 20th of December  by United Cyprus – Bicommunal Peace Initiative in Ledra St/Lokmaci buffer zone demanding a resumption of the reunification talks which had previously broke down after the Greek Cypriot representatives left following Turkey’s continious presence in Cyprus’ EEZ.  The participants expressed their desire for a reunified Cyprus and peace on the island.

The human chain that was planned to go through Ledra St/Lokmaci crossing point was met with a police blockade. According to a report by Kıbrıs Postası while protestors were trying to set up the human chain, the Turkish Cypriot Police Force were confrontational. Tensions occured and Şener Elcil from Cyprus Turkish Teachers Union (KTÖS) was allegedly assaulted by police.

Video courtesy of of Drasy/Eylem

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