By Constantinos Psillides ENVIRONMENTALISTS fear a bill tabled by the interior ministry to convert seashores into real estate is no more than an attempt to sell the country’s beaches to the highest bidder. The activists are accusing the government of being willing to allow investors exclusive access to Cyprus’ beaches – which are all designated public land.

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24th April 2014 - The Initiative for the Protection of the Natural Coastline in Cyprus demands the protection of the natural coastline outside the Paralimni municipality. This is a short video from the protest - please watch and share!

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Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs held a lecture entitled: The Making and Reclaiming of Communal Spaces in Beirut: The Story of the Dalieh by Abir Saksouk-Sasso Due to the lack of appropriate public space, Beirut dwellers lay claim today to a number of open areas in the city, the uses of which are akin to 'public' spaces -- they are accessed freely and allow for an unconfined range of social activities. This lecture advocates learning from the public by observing several left- over spaces in the city, in order to understand them as public, multicultural, socially just, and open.

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Published in By Maria Hadjimichael, On June 4, 2014 A grassroots campaign is taking off against the proposed privatization and commodification of one of Greece’s last-remaining utopias: its coastline.

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During the deepening economic crisis in Greece, the government has been looking for new ways to bring profits to the lenders. This time they have put the country’s beaches and shores in the firing line.

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