December 16, 2015
Take the Internet back, support the radical tech collectives [events in Kaimakli]

The state of Internet today – with the never-ending reveals of state surveillance and the commercialization of our private communications – does not shock us. A technological project initially developed by the American army and which was later controlled by the Market was certainly not designed to protect those at the bottom.

That doesn’t mean we will passively accept being excluded. On Tuesday, we gather to financially support anticapitalist anarchist tech collectives, RiseUp and Espiv, which for years provide secure alternative email, mailing list, instant messaging and blog services, in order to strengthen the radical movement. We also support the Software Freedom Conservancy, the organisation that legally defends tens of important Free-Libre Software projects (like Linux) when those are exploited by commercial businesses that ignore the mutual aid directive (copyleft) on which the idea of Free-Libre Software is founded. Due to its action, the Software Freedom Conservancy quickly wins the aversion of commercial giants, and the continuation of its actions depends more and more on the contribution of free-libre software users. Donations will be collected throughout the day and they will be given to the three projects split equally. The programme for the day follows:
Starting 17:00 Installfest café: Join us right next to Kaymakκιν, AT PLATANOS for a chat and if you bring your computer, you can explore various free-libre software projects that can replace insecure and proprietary applications.

At 19:00 – Workshop on online security: before we start protecting ourself we have to identify the dangers we face, so that we can choose the appropriate measures. We learn about cryptography in general as well as how to apply it to our electronic communications, and how to maintain our privacy online.


At 20:00 – Documentary Screening “Citizenfour”: Edward Snowden is a former CIA employee who in 2013 leaked secret documents of the American and British Spy Agencies (NSA and GCHQ) that confirmed the suspicions about the extend of the massive scale in which electronic surveillance was taking place. First stop after he fled the US was Hong Kong, where he invited documentary producer Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald to uncover his identity and his motivations behind leaking secret documents of the agency he served. After the film we discuss going beyond whistleblowing and how to act against mass surveillance.

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